Age: not specified

Hair color: Reddish orange

Eye color: Light blue

Rose is an introverted type girl, spending most of her time either chatting with Mark Or laying out on the back balcony of her mother's apartment watching birds, She doesnt seem to ask for alot in life except few things, yet most of those things arent given to her.  Her only friend is a jerk, Her boyfriend lives far away and her cat constantly begs for food. She still manages to keep a good attitude about life though, and keeps praying that one day her and Mark will meet each other.


age: lil kitttyyyyyy XD

Fur color: Dark grey with lighter grey chest/stomach, boots on feet, and darker grey/black rings on tail

Eye color: vibrant green

Mose's name is a sort of analogy for Mark+Rose, mostly noted for his large bell collar Moses is always near Rose and always begging for food, he's cute, cuddly, tolerant and usually puts up with Rose and her weirdness, whether its her making him dance, or Her just not letting him go when she needs something to hug, Moses is always there for her even if its against his will.


Info not avaliable