About Pigeon

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What IS pigeon?

Pigeon is a story of two lovers (Rose and Mark)  who live far away from each other- they met on the internet and one day hope to meet in real life- Its their love for one another that keeps them going through the trials of each of their own lives- and just knowing the other is there on the other side of the computer screen makes them feel whole. This story is about them and their lives, their trials, their problems and their love-

and most importantly- that love can conquer any distance if you're willing to give it the wings to soar with.

Who's it done by?

Pigeon is drawn by me and my boyfriend Nate

But wait a minute the comics are only drawn in one style... I thought you said you both drew it?

We do! we're gonna try something else with this- I'm going to draw the comic first from Rose's point of view- then Nate is going to draw it AGAIN but from Marks point of view that way it'll be like two difference yet somewhat simlar comics from two different point of views! Neat huh?

This is actually sorta interesting- who thought this up?

I did- But I ran it by Nate after the initial Idea and now its sort of both of our idea- we're working on it pretty much completely together now- yay for teamwork!

How long does it take you to do a comic page?


to sketch it out? not too long- to finish it up? FOREVER- XD hours upon hours of making sure it looks awesome- that the colors are right all that- porportion is believable etc... lots of work- so I hope you appreciate it. ^__^

Moses is sooooo cute- where'd you come up with the idea for him?


Hes based off my real cat Cheyanne actually. =3

What do you use to draw pigeon?


Me? hmm to sketch it out I use mechanical pencils on paper- then I use my homo scanner billy and scan it onto my computer- then I open up corel painter essentials three and work my magic XD yay then a few hours later... a few? more like LOTS of hours later we have a new page! yay

when does pigeon update?

when its up? It'll update the 1st and 3rd sunday of the month (due to how long it takes to do them i need time you know?) that and I have like 5 other comics I do each week!